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  Size:   190 x 266 mm
7.5 x 10.5 in
  Pages:   384  
  B/W:   130  
  Binding:   Hardcover  
  Published:   August 2010  
  ISBN:   9781588861092  

Reinventing the Past

Archaism and Antiquarianism in Chinese Art and Visual Culture

Edited by Hung Wu

Much attention has been given to the importance of emulation of the past in Chinese history. Study and interpretation of the past are now recognized as persistent forces in the shaping of cultural identity in China from ancient times to the modern age. The present volume is based on two scholarly gatherings organized by the Center of the Art of East Asia, Department of Art History, at the University of Chicago to explore this theme in greater detail. The conference papers, and now these resulting essays, offer new insights into this phenomenon, its philosophies, technologies, and the individuals involved in representing the past in Chinese art and visual culture. Using textual sources, archeological materials, and works of various art forms, the authors demonstrate through specific cases and examples from many historic periods a wide range of engagement with ancient sites, artifacts, and styles that resulted in continuously changing perspectives on the past and varying approaches to artistic production. Contributions by: Jessica Rawson, Lothar von Falkenhausen, Martin J. Powers, Katherine R. Tsiang, Tonia Eckfeld, Patricia Ebrey, Yun-Chiahn C. Sena, Craig Clunas, Lillian Lan-Ying Tseng, Qianshen Bai, Cheng-hua Wang and Sarah E. Fraser

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