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  Size:   185 x 267 mm
7.25 x 10.5 in
  Pages:   399  
  Binding:   Hardcover  
  Published:   April 2013  
  ISBN:   9781588861153  

Tenth-Century China and Beyond: Art and Visual Culture in a Multi-centered Age

Hung Wu
Contributing authors: Jenny F. So, Nancy Steinhardt, Youngsook Pak, Li Qingquan, Hsueh-man Shen, Eugene Wang, Bai Bin, Li Song, Wang Huimin, Jonathan Hay, François Louis, Foong Ping and Hui-Wen Lu

The tenth century was a period of extensive change in East Asia, in which China was divided into regional kingdoms with the fall of the Tang dynasty in 907 and powerful northern empires, the Khitan Liao and Koryŏ dynasty, arose. Though historically regarded as a period declining into disorder between the great Tang and Song eras, it in fact saw art and culture flourish in regional contexts. Important new stylistic trends in painting, technologies of printing and ceramic making, and unprecedented features of construction of tombs and Buddhist and Daoist temples at regional centers of art emerged. At the same time, transregional interaction, exchange, and rivalries were also contributing factors to the dynamism and richness of artistic production during this period. The collected essays in this volume present groundbreaking research resulting from two international conferences organized by the Center for the Art of East Asia, Department of Art History, at the University of Chicago.

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